del Segura

Guardamar del Seguar epitomises a typical Spanish seaside resort. Amongst its many attractions is a superb beach side with miles of clean golden sand and some very nice restaurants, as well as some cool, typical Spanish bars. On Wednesday the town transforms into a mad, whirlwind of activity with the market (not to be missed) as characters from days gone by appear all willing to barter for the most simple of items on their stalls. To spend a normal day in Guardamar is like spending a day in rush-free heaven. Leisurely strolls through the town and then down to the park with red squirrels, black swans and a myriad of other wild life.

A nice lunch or (recommended) a mix of the tapas at the bar of the cafe/restaurant of your choice followed by a preamble thorough the pines to the dunes and finally the Marina. Such a lot to do, yet time still ambles on at a wonderfully leisurely pace.

Of course, like all Spanish towns Guardamar comes alive at fiesta time and turns into one magnificent street party for locals and tourists alike.

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